Alex believes that there is not one ideal place for every family to labor and give birth, and that home birth is an essential option for families in northern New England. Multiple clinical studies have affirmed that for healthy, low-risk pregnancies, planned home birth with a trained, certified midwife is a safe option with no increased risk compared to hospital and birth center birth. Home birth with Fiddlehead Midwifery centers you and your family, individualizing care based on your needs and choices. Evidence-based care provided in your home allows you to remain comfortable, and to de-medicalize the birth process. We believe interventions are useful tools for specific situations, an in all other cases we work to let the process of labor and birth happen with as little interruption as possible. We support you in welcoming your baby gently, treating you and your baby with respect throughout the birth process. With the time and information necessary to make truly informed decisions about their care, we believe that each family will make choices that are right for their family, and we assist in building the foundation for those choices. By offering continuity throughout prenatal and birth care, we help to create a safe, supportive environment that allows you to do the vital work of labor.


Alex is trained in water birth and hydrotherapy, and believes the choice to labor and give birth in water is an essential option for many families. Water allows your body to do the work of labor without the pressure of gravity, increasing mobility and encouraging relaxation. Babies that are born into water can have a more gentle transition from inside to outside. Water birth has a string history in Northern New England, and birth tubs are available for rental upon request.

"The act of opening yourself up so that another being can pass down the channel and out of you takes a woman all the way down to very deep of living."

- Judy Grahn


"The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea."

- Isak Dinesen




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